Saturday, 14 January 2017

On the needles- Noro

Knitting started: October 2016 

I've been wanting to try some Noro yarn since forever and when I found some at my local yarn store (Rosemary's Wool Shop, Aberaeron), I mustered up exactly zero restraint and bought four balls.

I'm making a shawl, the pattern is quite easy but as per usual, I've done a fair bit of un-knitting and frogging. I started out on wooden needles but realised they wouldn't be long enough for the width of the shawl, so changed to circular ones, got a bit mixed up as to which side to knit (seeing as I am not knitting in the round), ripped it and sussed it out.

I'd rate the pattern as somewhere between beginner and getting a bit better. It is sort of easy. Quite OK for me now that I've been knitting for eight years or so but then again, I'm a bit of a dunce when it comes to knitting. So, if you're a natural, go ahead and dive in!

The yarn's nice,  although I thought it quite scratchy at first but I've read it will soften with some hair or fabric conditioner, which I might do after blocking. It is pretty uneven, which I like, because I like irregularity. It's a wool yarn, so no doubt it's a tonne cheaper than the Noro silk blends!

I've been very much enjoying a bit of knitting when I am working from home and have the luxury of leisurely morning coffee. Pretty much the only contemplative time I get these days. 

So yeah,

UK size 4 needles, 6mm.

I can't wait to add tassels and go off flouncing about.

The yarn is Noro Kureyon pure wool.

I was going to simply post a link to the pattern but I can't find anything useable online so I'll have to try to remember. Sorry if this is mad, I'm not much of a pattern person. I am now on my fourth ball of Noro and I need to buy another for the tassels.

Basically, you're going to cast on 4 stitches and repeat an alternating two row pattern, until it's big enough.

Row 1- knit into the front and back of the first stitch. Then, yarn over and knit the next two stitches together. Knit into the front and back of the last stitch. 
Row 2- purl.
Row 3- as Row 1 i.e. Knit into front and back of first stitch. Then yarn over and knit two together (repeat). Knit into the front and back of last stitch.
Row 4- purl.
Row 5- as Row 1. i.e. Knit into front and back of first stitch. Yarn over, knit two together (do this three times). Knit into front and back of last stitch.
Row 6- purl.
Row 7- carry on in this manner until it is big, so, forever, really.
Last row- cast off loosely and add tassels.

January  2017 update:

Is it ready yet? In a word: no.

Soon my Pretties, soon.

Summer 2017 update: 

Finished! Love it! Favourite thing for a lazy Sunday morning with coffee and company. Wonderful in the evening when it's potter and chill. This one's here to stay, I'm so in love.

Let me know if you make one,

Papillon  X

P.S. It is with regret that I have watermarked my pics but someone on Facebook stole ('shared') my profile pic without my consent (it was a favourite landscape of my village and of sentimental value) and I decided that maybe I do have to watermark stuff. I don't know, pfffft. Anyway, the font used is a free font, for personal and business use, called Lemon Chicken and the authors request that if used, you link to their website, Crack-a-Jack Studios.

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