Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Sweetly Scrapped- oh joy!

I'm finding it hard to contain my excitement regarding my recent online and in house activities; I've been printing and cutting out the sweetest and most nostalgic filled images from Sweetly Scrapped's 'freebies'. Cutting out pieces of paper is something I find to be soothing. Yes, I know. Never mind. Anyway, these are digital images which are free to download and useable for own use and sometimes even as part of a product, say, an Etsy item. So, what's the catch? There is none. Nada. Rien. Nacaddo. Dim ein bisßchen. Not a bissel.

Emily from Sweetly Scrapped just wants to share and spread gorgeousness throughout the whole world, that's her motivation. I share that desire, glorifying anything within reach = the masterplan.  Beauty motivates me. Yes, my sun (and many other planetary influences) are in Libra.

In return, Emily asks that Bloggers add her purdy tab to their blog, which I have just done, with utmost pleasure. Link back, of course. This is what we do. Linky shary, spready stuff, all good in my opinion. New paradigm methinks. Bien sûr, she has an Etsy shop- here, LOOK!- website here and brilliant blog here. She has about a million billion things that you, Dear Blogger and Crafter, will want and require- labels, stickers, tags, Etsy shop banner, blog headers, ribbons, journal papers... and so on... etcetera, etcetera. BINGO!

So, where are these beauties of which your speak, Dear Papillon?

So much love for these.

Perfect tags for homemade herbal tinctures.

How sweet those blue birds would be on a present.

Rainbow vintage bus tickets- of course!

Brilliant little love tickets.

So many yesses for these.

So then, what have I got and what am I going to do with them? Découpage! Tags for my homemade herbal tinctures! If the cat stays still too long (little chance), I'll paste something on his fluff.

Papillon  X

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