Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Decorative tray

I really needed a small container to house some of my jewellery findings. I wanted something inexpensive, functional and pretty. I had a scour of my nearest big-ish town (Aberystwyth) but came up with nothing. Not until I had a brainwave and realised that I could DIY something myself. 

So, I bought a super cheap small sized tray from (yet again), B & M Bargains. They should start paying me now for all the free adverts I run for them. It was maybe a quid, or two. I remembered I had some thin wooden trays in my One day this will be useful cupboard and beneath a rainbow of tissue paper, I found this little gem of old wrapping paper.

If your aesthetic is generally a bit scraggy around the edges (as mine is) and the foundation of your home 'look' is quality, antique, upcycled or handmade, I firmly believe you can sneak in a little cheap chic and no one's any the wiser. As far as the concerns of buying cheap chic go, my maths work out like this: B&M's = negative ethical and eco score (I guess), me making do = rainbow unicorn goodie points, therefore, outcome = neutral? I am sure many would disagree but perhaps they have a more flexible budget than I? I might sound defensive but really,  I'm just being pragmatic. 

Anyway, onto the stuff I love, making.

As with most things in life, the answer lies in either Mod Podge, washi tape or chocolate. Today, the Podge won.

Here's the original tray from B & M's. It's very nice but not quite me. My jewellery findings (crystal beads) are in the plastic bags. 

 The wooden tray used to have small candles in it.

I had three wooden trays, which I decided to paint with a little Dulux tester paint (and then used Mod Podge to seal). I always think it's good to have a few tester pots of emulsion paint in your arsenal, you never know when you might use them.

Painting the wooden trays.

Next, I measured the wrapping paper and stuck it down with Mod Podge. I gave it a couple of top coats too, which took a while to fully dry and go transparent.

Tray with wrapping paper and dried Mod Podge.

To be fair, the wooden trays were tacky for a couple of days, so there was a lot of waiting involved with this little project but it was a delight to finally decant my crystal beads.

Painted wooden trays, crystal beads and silver antler.

And, finally, here's my jewellery findings tray in situ. It just happens to live in a fantastic 1950's, super kitsch glass cabinet, that my friends gave me some years ago now.  

 If I want to see the wrapping paper, I can take the grey wooden trays out.

And that's it, I'm good. I hope this post might prove inspirational to someone out there.

Keep making!

Papillon  X

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