Monday, 4 May 2015

Mollie Makes

**** This is a bit strange, a bit retrospective. I was rummaging behind the scenes at Blogger, when I realised that I have several draft posts- some to be scrapped, others to be boldly published at a later date and yet more to be gingerly posted. This is a tentative one. Why? Because it is pretty ancient, possibly quite a few years old and I couldn't help but semi-cringe at my previous offerings. Then again, I sort of liked it, definitely the quirky humour. So, in the spirit of transparency, reflection and pre-fracking thoughts, I thought I'd 'get it out there' none the less. So, here we go.... ****

I'm not one for magazines, really. I tend to flick through the pictures and then erm, bin recycle it. Or maybe, if I am feeling particularly virtuous (or attempting to offset a whole flight's worth of carbon), I might just remember to give them to my nearest doctor's surgery. Whether it is my sanguine tendencies:- so many pictures, so many snippets!, or whether I'm just so old now that they only seem to regurgitate what has previously been penned, I'm not sure. Or, perhaps it is the typhoid ridden attitudes fostered upon our spongy minds by ***evil voice*** ... The Media.

However, I have lowered myself from my Ivory Tower of Self-Righteousness and Intellectual Superiority (ITSRIS) for just about long enough to get a year's subscription to the new UK crafts magazine, Mollie Makes. I wanted to know whether I could buy something more worthwhile, more productive, more beautiful, more inspiring. I think I did so. I do believe it is aimed mainly towards women. I still tend to flick through but I do pause for long enough to get sidetracked by a crafty project or two. And, I don't feel my mind has been made toxic by drivel, so this comes Highly Commended by The Papillon. My first issue came with frankly, a dinky craft kit and my poor tender heart could not resist just being sweet and making something lovely. 

I think this is enough writing, yes? Now, where be those snaps?  

Cuteness overload from Mollie Makes

Babushka will serve my own Vasilisa perfectly well

Munchy little face that she has

And in the next issue, we were gifted a crochet kit and some instructions to make a crochet flower. Being a bit of a hook stick novice, I was daunted but I got there and would rate my crochet skills to have come on considerably. Holy Moly, Skilling Up for Powerdown never looked so good. That's right, I'm sailing this Transition Culture vessel single handedly and when the shit hits the fan the oil runs out, I'll be OK you know, because why, I'll barter crochet roses for firewood, or something. "Bore da, good folk of Cardiganshire, would you care to swap me a gallon of your finest milk for 26 fine roses?" "Oooh, I don't know, do they only come in pink, I was fancying orange flowers for my horse and cart." "That's fine, The Papillon has prepared herself long and hard for this eventuality and can proffer a veritable rainbow selection of flowers. Orange it is." Aha! A finer plan was never laid. 

My very own post Peak Oil strategy

And, if this is all a tad too tongue in cheek insane for your taste but I have given your a tantalising glance into the world of resilience building, why then, you simply must peruse my research blog:

Papillon  X

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