Sunday, 17 May 2015

Homemade Flax Hair Gel- the madness continues

Alright, things are going far, way far. Homemade hair gel. What next? Homemade menstrual pads? Yes, of course! Saving that for a future (monster) post. Homemade washing powder? Don't tempt me! Really keen on that idea. Mr Papillon is despairing about it, he's a sucker for that Persil fresh smell. I think he's seriously worried about the threat of DIY washing powder, as I am worried about his Persil addiction.

I will win. You'll see. Just watch....

ANYWAY.... homemade flax hair gel. Why? I probably haven't mentioned this already but I have crazy curly hair and in a bid to sort the damn stuff out I went 'Curly Girl' a couple of years back. I'm not sure I have perfected things yet but this method involves honouring and respecting one's curls, embracing them and treating them with due care and attention:- this involves the rejection of sodium laurel sulphate in shampoo, silicones in conditioners and styling products, and over use of hair dryers and straighteners. It's a huge subject- massive, mammoth, a veritable behemoth, in fact. Some would even say a Leviathan of a subject. You can start of reading here and here:

Yes but...

Well, one of my favourite curl friendly products is no longer available so I thought I'd try making my own as I've seen people rave about this stuff for curls!


1/4 cup flax (linseed in the UK) seeds
1 cup water
Additives such as aloe vera gel and essential oils or even preservatives, if so desired


Saucepan and spoon
Stove top
Metal mesh sieve
Container for finished gel


Place water in the pan, followed by the linseeds (flax) and turn the heat up fairly high. Stir the seeds gently so they do not stick to the bottom and bring to a boil. Watch closely, and as soon as the mixture is sufficiently jelly-like so as to suspend the bubbling seeds at the surface for a few moments before they sink to the bottom, turn off the heat. I let things boil for too long on my first attempt and ended up with gel so thick it would not sieve. I suggest some trial and error is appropriate here.

Take the pan from the heat and simply using the sieve, drain the mixture into your bowl. Put the sieve and pan into the sink immediately, as washing up can get sticky. If using additives, add them now. You could try a few drops of essential oil and some aloe vera gel. Whether you use additives or not, it is time to whisk the mixture for ten seconds or so, until it is nice and smooth, and then simply pour into your container. It will keep for about two weeks in the fridge but if you add preservatives, you'll have a whole different scenario.


I have to say, I was pretty happy with the outcome but being a messy sort of pup myself, managed to get gel all over the place, instead of my hair. No doubt neater folks will do better.  I also had trouble with the short shelf life, due to lack of preservatives. I don't think this would be problematic for those more dedicated to self-care than myself but in truth, I'm a bit scruffy and didn't use it up quickly enough (I do tend to avoid water, if at all possible ;) ). I might well re-visit this experiment at some point, possibly when I have some preservatives... we'll see....

Have you had success making this yourself? Are you tempted to try it at home?

Papillon  X

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