Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Springtime Flowers

It has happened, the bulbs I planted last autumn have come up! I couldn't be happier, for oft, 'tis the simple things which please me the most. Warm-enough-weather, sunshine, damp-grass-yet-no-rain, a filter coffee, a cat, blessed family and some flowers. For the moment, this is perfect. 

Oh and, did I forget to mention that maybe, just maybe, playing around with new camera toy might have nudged the happiness factor up just a tad? My father lives for photography and fortunately, I (on my own), made the correct choice and went for a Canon EOS 1200D. Phew! Had I got that one wrong, he'd not have spoken to me for three whole weeks. Also though, I realised that I can't very well carry on with my little Etsy shop unless I start to get my 'product photography' act together, and so you are witnessing my first forays into that world. Where it will end, Lord only knows, because it seems to me that one can become wholly consumed once the bug has bit. And, despite auto settings, there's just so much to learn!


I love these 'vintage' blooms

Hellebore- this is my favourite plant

Oh, sweet tulips, how could I forget you?

Lowly Morrisons came up with fabbo 'sherbert' bulbs

I hope this post is sort of like five postcards from my garden to you, dear and treasured reader. A Springtime Floral Treasury, if you will. For, without an audience, I would not write and thus, I would simply wither away, wither away.

Papillon  X

P.S. If you do, by a miracle, become so enrapt by my images that you wish to steal use them for yourself,  I haven't bothered to watermark them but it would be amazing to be credited and have a link back to here... especially if you Pin them, wink wink. In fact, please Pin them and link me up!!

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