Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween decorations (on the cheap)

Halloween = Bah Humbug = my old motto. I am relenting, not least because the Trick or Treaters where I live are actually quite cute and not frightening (nor aggressive), unlike the ones I remember as a child. I've seen so many gorgeous pictures online of (in particular) American homes decorated for Samhain, that I thought I'd revisit my prejudice and have a go at welcoming in this time of year.

Not wishing to spent much money, what can you get in Aberystwyth? Well, Poundland has Trick or Treat treats for, yup, one pound. B & M Bargains has faux mercury glass candle holders (£2.99), which are fantastically pumpkin shaped. I tied a couple of garish coloured ribbons around the rim and that's it, we're good. 

B & M's, madcap champion of The North, comes to Aber

Not too spendy, slightly glam, treats (?) for the tricksters 

I also wanted a little something for my own household and initially started out thinking down the trustworthy Blue Peter road. Predictably I googled 'DIY bat decorations', but was saved by .... Ghosts in a Jar .... Ghosts in a Jar?! ... But, yes! Thomas Kemp and all that. Mason Jar Crafts Love provides the inspiration. I couldn't quite make it perfectly as I (obviously) couldn't easily manifest a Mason Jar (it's a US thing not a UK thing, meh), but I did have a Kitchen Craft jar or two cluttering up the place. I already had everything else to hand, and this is what I used:

* One Kilner type jar (screw lid would have been preferable)
* One Sharpie
* Oasis (cheap flower arranging green stuff) or polystyrene
* Dry old leaves and twigs
* White thread or string
* Cardboard
* Cheesecloth fabric (or similar)
* Scissors, kitchen knives

Quick, effective, done

Do follow the instructions over at Mason Jar Craft Love (she also has some great pictures), but basically:-

* Cut the oasis to size
* Make the sticks look like an old tree
* Push the sticks into the oasis
* Scrunch some leaves onto the oasis
* Carefully put the arrangement into the jar
* Make a couple of wee ghosties
* Puncture the back of the ghosts' head with a knife
* Mount ghosties on a stick
* Realise that you need a tombstone, rummage through recycling 
* Add the tombstone and a few more leaves
* Shut the lid

I was so delighted ecstatic with the result that you'll have to indulge me whilst I show off all the various spectoral Hipstamatic effects. 

Corpse Candles, Welsh folklore- research if you dare


Things that go bump in the night

So, Happy Halloween, one and all. Please, please ensure that you google the chicken wire ghosts- seriously, who thought of that?! 

Papillon  X

P.S. Apparently Google are none too impressed with people using 'googled' as a verb. Ha, I googled that.

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