Thursday, 10 July 2014

Kiwi chocolate lollies (kiwi chocolate toadstools)

Well, it had to happen sometime or later- I had to address the shameful fact that my Magnum addiction (do you get these Stateside? If not, you'll be either perplexed or worried) was getting out of control. Being that I seem to have a dairy intolerance, the tummy pains and spotty face was no longer  balancing out the frosty-choco-creamy-sit-on-the-bench-and-watch-the-world-go-by-self-prescribed-therapy-session. Inevitably, internal wrangling and denial followed ("Oh look, these smashed up ones are only £1.20 for a box of three from Morrisons"), until a semblance of a backbone kicked in and forced me to search for a Palaeo (I blogged about it here) style alternative. And that is when I happened upon a rich seam of blogged and Pinned visual delights under various guises, such as 'Paleo Ice Pops' and 'Dairy Free Popsicles'.

Dark chocolate covered frozen kiwi fruit looked not only easy, but undeniably eye catching- reminiscent of Ladurée macarons. There are so many blogs out there with the basic recipe that I could not even begin to hazard a guess as to whom is responsible for dreaming up this "OK, I'm so gonna try this!" recipe, but I found inspiration here and here.

Kiwi chocolate toadstool


*Kiwi fruit

*85% cocoa chocolate

*Coconut oil


*Household freezer

*Improvised trays for the paupers, normal cooking trays for the well-heeled

*Baking parchment

*Ice lolly sticks (if mine look familiar, it is because I decided to put the Magnum fetish to good use!)


*Clear a space in the top of your freezer and find some trays to fit. I used Tupperware lids because my freezer is tiny. Line your trays with baking parchment. 

*Peel the kiwi fruit and chop the ends off.  

*Slice the kiwi fruit into lolly sized pieces. I only had teeny tiny kiwis so generally only got two lollies per fruit. Hopefully you'll be able to source monster sized kiwis! 

*Carefully insert the end of the wooden lolly stick into each piece of fruit and freeze for at least four hours, or overnight. 

Frozen kiwi pieces

*When frozen, make a double boiler and melt your chocolate with the coconut oil. The proportions I used was roughly a ratio of 3:1 chocolate: coconut oil. The genius thing is that because coconut oil has such a low melting point, the mix will solidify immediately upon meeting the frozen fruit! 

*All you do now is to dip the frozen kiwi lollies into the chocolate mix and either eat straightaway, or pop back into the freezer until ready to eat. That's it. 

Curious ice crystal formations on the kiwi choc toadies

Fierce and tart. Also addictive. Fail.

I'm thinking that these must be good for you at the same time as satisfying because there's the Vitamin C from the kiwis, the cure-all-evils from the coconut oil, the magic-mood-makers from the dark chocolate and only a small proportion of refined sugar, right? If you do have any amazing homemade ice lolly or popsicle recipes to share, please do so, especially if they come under the general umbrella of Palaeo (my Blighty-side version) or Paleo.

Papillon  X

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