Thursday, 22 May 2014

Cardiff, Castle Arcade and Hubbard's Cupboard

Cardiff was looking particularly splendid the other day in the welcome sunshine. I'm delighted that the Welsh Assembly Government seem to have jazzed up the city centre- this is long overdue. The paving stones are just so nice these days and I declare more vibrancy than in recent years.  I'm just jealous, bitter and twisted though- I live in peripheral west Wales, which seemingly has to make its own fortune, far away from the (circular) corridors of power. Oy!

A spruced up Mary Street

And on a Sunday afternoon, Castle Arcade was very photogenic.

Claire Grove Buttons is one of those treasure troves

In a bittersweet moment of discovery, I spy Hubbard's Cupboard, a shop I had blindly navigated past on busier days. Something to be said for window shopping on a Sunday, truly. Awe(n) and regret pattern this blessing. My heart clatters to a halt to see all those reels, hues, laces, buttons, textures and patterns. You know how we do! Haberdashery obsession is a fever with no cure. Embers jump to flame in a heartbeat. Yes, this is a LOVE thing. And a SAD, SAD thing, for they are closing down! Oh no! I will celebrate regardless. Perhaps this particular homage de couture will be even more poignant?

Beautiful, yes?


Perfect signage

Old Singers occupy a very special place in my heart

Wedding belles would be so happy

But it was this mannequin that killed me. Boom! Stock still.


Fare thee well, Hubbard's Cupboard. We love you, even though we have never stepped inside your delightful world. 

Papillon  X

P.S. A little digging and we find that although the physical version of Hubbard's Cupboard is closing, the online version remains. You can find them here, here and here.

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