Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Paper Bird Houses as Therapy

You know how I said something like 'World, you can throw as much horror at me as you like, I am still going to crochet'? Well, things have got a lot, lot worse, so bad that maybe I can't crochet right now. But, I had a distraction plan in the form of a naive mini project I found in Daphne's Diary, which is sort of a magazine, but more like a heartfelt place of unadulterated sweetness, romance and innocence. Very yin, very creative.

If you are a sensitive soul, you should check this out

Obviously, me being me, I utterly failed to buy any Easter Eggs on time for la famille and had to scramble about the empty shelves, not actually being too disappointed when the only option left was to buy Easter Presents instead. Offspring No:2 asked for delicatessen olives, raw chocolate covered mulberries and organic licorice. Good choice!

Anyhows, all has been more testing at Chez Papillon than ever I recall in all my born days, but to immerse myself in some- frankly childish- cutting, scoring and Pritt-Sticking activity for an hour or so, very much hit the spot. Crafting at times of distress can, I believe, be extremely helpful:- although everything may well be terrible, if you manage to make just one thing reasonably well, joy (and satisfaction) still manage to appear at your table. These mini bird houses are extremely cute and even better when they are filled with Mini Eggs.

Daphne's Diary bird houses to cut out and Pritt Stick 

So, in the end, we sort of had Easter after all. Yay!!

I went wild with the Hipstamatic settings

Willow withies from my garden, 1930s jug from my Great Aunt

Bird house proves popular with recipient

No palm oil eggs here

Handy sticker was also from Daphne's Diary

As a child, my mother always gave me a pretty foil cardboard egg which was filled with various small gifts, a few Mini Eggs and a yellow fluffy chick. I generally received a big chocolate egg too but always loved the cardboard egg the best. I don't know whether I can get away with this every year, but I felt somehow liberated not to have bought big chocolate eggs in cardboard boxes. What do you think?

Papillon  X

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