Monday, 30 December 2013

Gingerbread House

As ever with my creative endeavours, I'm not entirely sure as to why I initially decided to make this;  it took almost a year from finding a recipe (here) and buying the ingredients, to actual completion. 

Perhaps I made it for my Burgenl√§nder ancestors? Maybe. Whatever possessed me, true to form,  I was restless, obsessed and compelled until I had actually made the damn thing. I'm not entirely sure that it tasted 'nice' but I was going for structural integrity more than anything else. I can now report that one can actually make bricks from gingerbread. Oh yes. 

The making process was simultaneously tense and satisfying as I became ever more enthusiastic .... chimney smoke, a wood pile, a golden 'fox' (which looked all the world for a cat), toadstools and a picket fence were all late additions. Not having a sweet tooth, I opted for dark chocolate as mortar (rather than royal icing), and incurred all manner of setting problems, as you can imagine.

Come Yule Tide, I was unprepared for the emotional reaction I had once I finally relinquished the house and invited demolition ... the next day I cried.

Oh, the madness of creative-spirit.

P.S. Please excuse the super dodgy pics. I'm a shoddy photographer at best but as for the 'light' levels in the UK at winter solstice .... well ... 


The Golden 'Fox'

Please note that the roof has ridge tiles

Log pile!

The angels are scratching at the door to come in

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