Thursday, 15 August 2013

Découpage Tutorial

Or how to jazz up an old box file.

You will need:

* Box files (preferably decrepit and good for nothing)

* Wrapping paper, magazines, catalogues, old stamps and such (old maps would be wonderful too)

* Scissors

* A paintbrush

* At the very least, some duff PVA glue PVA glue from the £1.20 shop, a plastic bowl and a bit of polyurethane varnish

* At best, something like Mod Podge

My department were throwing away old box files
 and so I rescued a couple

What you do:

* Gather your supplies and start cutting out your magazine, catalogue or wrapping paper in a pleasing manner. I mainly used rectangular shapes but you can be more adventurous than that if you so wish.

* Some months minutes later, mix the PVA with a bit of water until it is a workable consistency. Somewhat runny, brushable, not too wet. Brush an area of the box with the watered down PVA and smooth your first piece of paper in place.

* Carry on in this manner, generally making things up as you go along until your knees are stiff and your box is delightfully covered inside and out with tropical birds, stamps and globes. In truth, this took me around 90 minutes per box. It is a good idea to have a damp cloth handy for the sticky glue times ahead.

* You may layer as little or as much as you like. My boxes are mainly one layer with some overlap for 'special pieces'.

* If you are using old postage stamps, leave them until you are almost finished and let them provide 'a finishing touch'. They can be quite charming- adding nostalgia and evoking images of foreign shores.

* Leave everything to dry for a couple of days and finish with a coat of varnish.

* If you are less of a cheapskate than myself, you can invest in some Mod Podge, which is reputed to do the sticking and the varnishing all in one. I haven't yet procured any for my den but I am hankering and drooling. Only those who craft will not judge me right now. All others will write me off. That's OK. I get it.

I am lusting after some of this stuff, I tell ya

Assorted postage stamps, quotes and pretties

 The finished boxes:

Scraggy box files no more

Yup, I am very happy about this. Simple things.

This box came from IGES, Aberystwyth University,
 and now houses some of my PhD research.
Most appropriate indeed

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  1. Lovely! - Great to give a new lease of life to something that was going to be trashed.
    Madeline x


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