Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Broneirion Craft Fair and seasonal colour palettes

So, my father 'phones me up and suggests that I book at stall at the Broneirion Summer Craft Fair. Deciding it might be a good day out, I go ahead and get cracking on some sort of insane sew-athon. Three days later, I emerge, moody and stressed as hell, pins sticking out of my ears, a hissing iron having used up how much electricity, exactly? A bundle of goodies for general consumption stashed under my arm, I head down to Girl Guides in Wales HQ, Broneirion, in Llandinam, Powys. It was sort of a National Trust meets Women's Institute with crafters kinda day. Which means crafts, lots of tea, good cakes and general politeness, all set in the grounds of a house of the old Welsh gentry. Oh, and for some reason or t'other, we were blessed with balmy sunshine! 

My stall was in the rather splendid library but being a library, it was a bit dark.  Unpeturbed, I  decided it reflected my moody disposition. We are the Papillon Noir, remember, and I try not to apologise for that which cannot be tamed.  

And there is a story attached to the library. David Davies, who once owned Broneiron (but later moved out because it was too small- heh heh), used to especially like the view from the library, as he could assess visitors as they approached the house. Then he could inform his staff whether he wished to see them, or not. Oh yes, he was my kinda guy. If only I could get away with that! 

Anyway, here are some of my goodies. The cellophane does restrict viewing pleasure somewhat but also foxes them sticky paws.

A few of my pincushions. 

Overstuffed and made from Amy Butler and Tanya Whelan fabrics.

And needle cases. I love needle cases, I find them incredibly satisfying. 

And iPhone cases. Machine stitched yet finished by hand.
I use and adore mine every single day.

To end, I have to include a snap of the sitting room at Broneirion. There was just something about it that was so utterly relaxing. I do suspect it was the colour scheme. At first I thought the designers had used an intense winter-ish palette as there is a lot of contrast between the raspberry sofa and the minty walls; yet as I rested there a while, I was lulled, hushed and soothed by the colours, which can only mean that the colours were somewhere in the summer range. Some of you may be bemused by my references to winter or summer colour palettes, others will be able to correct my assessment. It is hard not to let this secret passion of mine spill into other areas- I am fascinated by personal colour analysis, which has evolved from the four seasonal system (winter, spring, summer and autumn) used in the 1980s, to encompass twelve or sometimes sixteen seasons, most of which are hybrid seasons. For example, soft summer evokes the end of summer when autumn is just nudging through. In the nightime, I sometimes frequent esoteric internet places where we talk about seasonal colours and also, where some argue about which system is best or even, whether these systems actually work on people or not, to determine the 'best colours' to wear in clothing. Some things are certain, I adore looking at the  colour palettes and ascribing certain nuances, tones and feelings to a seasonal classification. Why?  Because I have seen some very compelling evidence to support these ideas but also because I like order and I like boxes and I like being able to put colours away all neat and tidy, at least in my own mind. Because I am like that. If you are interested, you can read Christine Scaman's incredibly well respected blog here

I just liked these colours together.


  1. Love the fabrics and the blog. I am a sucker for colour as well (though not so much order, which you might notice sooner or later...!) Have you heard of Spoonflower.com- amazing site in San Fran that does custom fabrics, you can design your own too and they do organic:)



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