Wednesday, 22 August 2012

World, you can throw as much horror at me as you like, I am still going to crochet.

Bad times for The Papillon lately. There are always intermittent bad times for me, intense personalities seem to attract or perchance, create drama- no matter what. I try to go smooth sailing yet always drift toward the rocks. But. Never mind, all part of the show and I have found that when times get tough and days go dark (whilst nights are darker still), the odd spot of crochet, knitting or the like is fine company whilst I walk amidst the shrapnel. There is something to be said for having a rough time yet none the less emerging, face blackened by smoke and soot, hair frayed and tangled, clasping a little treasure firmly to chest, something that did, you know, actually work out. Something to clutch and delight in, hopefully for years to come, whilst the turbulence is but a dim recollection. 

This crochet hook roll is one such creation. 

My recipe book, 'Cute & Easy Crochet' by Nicki Trench. 

Once again, I used Amy Butler yarn for ROWAN.

This truly retro lining I found at an old market stall.

Retro fabric mixed with Heirloom Rose Bouquet by Joel Dewberry.

And me oh my, did you see them? Colourful aluminium crochet hooks!! Sometimes modern things are  good, for it was Amazon who suggested I buy them. I swear I am going to eat them. 

My Mollie Makes hook, it was free and it is darling, so it lives here, next to my ancient ivory hook, found for pennies in an antique shop. 

Troublesome times, happier heart. 

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