Saturday, 30 June 2012

Crochet Purse

A few months ago I found a very appealing beginners' crochet book, 'Cute & Easy Crochet' by Nicki Trench. Obviously, I instantly became completely and all consumingly enamoured with the flowery purse and hunted down some yummy yarn. I set my compass due north and arrived at Amy Butler Belle Organic by ROWAN. Why Amy Butler? Simply because she has the most incredible eye for colour and her fabrics and yarns almost sing from the shelves. Why Rowan? If you are asking, you might be on the wrong page. If you're still with me, you're going to have to love Rowan just as much as I do. Rowan is to yarn what Chanel is to fashion. I found the Rowan booklets in John Lewis the other day. Someone had the right idea, for there was a chair nearby. I drew my pew and just sat there, in perfect holy contemplation.  Why no picture?  

Too sacrilegious. 

That tea cosy is reason enough to get yerself a serious tannin habit.

Oh yes, I'm gonna make you, little pursey.

And when we're done, we'll do you a photoshoot. 

I'm not sure why but I thought it would be really fun to try to not only replicate the flower purse as best as I could, but to also attempt a copy cat photoset. Perchance this is what happens when you don't own a TV? Anyways, I found the instruction pretty simple to follow. It has to be confessed however, that although I have made the purse, I still can't actually hold the yarn properly. Not sure why, can't figure it out, bit embarrassing, really. Never mind. 

Even the flowers were easy enough for a near novice.

Several months(!) later, I found some luminescent fabric- Soul Blossoms in Buttercups by Amy Butler for Rowan (see, can't get enough), and I used this for the lining and the fabric button.


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