Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Crafty hearts

Oh Valentine's, I'm a romantic at heart so I can't help but love this day. I had fun making a pop up card for Gallant Sir Papillon, despite me, as usual, being devoid of 'proper' craft equipment. I really needed one of those sort of rubbery green cutting pads, must get one soon. Oh, and a sharp craft knife would have been good as well, my blade is, well, dangerous. Very. ***LOOK!! No cuts!!***. I can take no credit for the following card design, only the construction. The I♥U card tutorial was reposted by Paper Kawaii (originally from the Korean blog Tweety Atelier) so, being as my Korean is not that hot,  it was guess work. In the first place, I found the  link  posted on Everything Etsy's 101 Handmade Valentine's Day Ideas feature- an absolute treasure trove of craftymania. 

Craftivism is catching, I not only made but received
a handmade card. And nano twitting birds, oh my. 

It worked! Although you can't exactly fold it shut. Here in Papillon Land, we don't mind small details like folding shut-ness of cards, so all is well. 

I love the shadows just as much. 

And then I found this, perfect for Valentine's Day and crafting, a being alone video. Oh! This is good. This is so, so good. 

Tanya Davis- How To Be Alone


  1. Let's see if this comment will post..... Card looks good. Thanks for sharing the video x


  2. More's the point, will I manage to post a reply?! We'll see.

    Hello Madeline,
    I should have mentioned where I found the video in the very first place, it was here, in this craftivism blog: http://craftivism.com/blog.html/

    I'm trying to work out whether I am political enough to be a craftivist, or whether I stay with crafter... XXX


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