Monday, 2 January 2012

I must be mad (tutorial)

Well, not many would dispute the above but it is good to have some hard evidence. Witness: a week to go before Christmas; a draft of 10,000 words to finish; no Christmas shopping done; no tree; rest needed in advance of a Geography departmental party (roughly 12 hours of hardcore drinking and thinking: Yikes/ Hallelujah) ... and yet, The Papillon decides to start crafting at exactly 1am and doesn't finish until 3am. Why? Because she had an idea, of course. She dreamt of Christmas Tree Bunting made from newspaper and string  and thus set to work forthwith.  

The Guardian makes perfectly Woolly Liberal trees.
Right on!

These are simple, yet slightly fiddly. Make your template (I used a Cod Steak in Butter Sauce packet - these things matter), cut out your trees (choose newspaper with the correct political affiliations), use a hole punch to make holes in your trees, grab yourself a good yet manageable length of string and find the centre point. A couple of inches from the centre, tie a couple of knots in one half of the string only and thread your first tree. Then, gently secure the tree with two more knots and move on 5 inches or so, repeating the process until one half of the string is a Garland of Glory. Go to the middle of the string and repeat the whole process on the other half of the string. My trees are not held rigidly in place yet they stayed put surprisingly well. Threading them in this manner allows the paper cut-outs to hang in a really lovely way. 

We discovered that the ceilings are made from asbestos, Grrrr.

Somehow, I did accomplish my mission, handed in my work and made the insane academic drinks and thinks festival. Then I collapsed and in truth only got the bunting hung after Father Christmas had done the rounds with the stockings!  Actually, it was poor Mr Papillon who discovered that the ceilings  are made from asbestos since he was unfortunate enough to be recruited at an ungodly hour in the middle of the night to hang the bunting (Ms Papillon is such a delicate and frail creature). Sleep? Who needs it? 

I love the shadows, which are cast everywhere. 

Thus followed a lovely yet slightly zombie Christmas Day for Los Papillinos Negros. 

More trees and the biggest bauble, ever!

Yet, the tide turns and we fail to make our daily homage to The Shrine of the Advent Calender  as it is now devoid of all chocolate - so sad, so sad.

Not one choc left.


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