Sunday, 3 June 2012

Credits, plagiarism and so on. (But you can't steal The Awen)

I agree with Pugli Pixel owner, Katrina, that credit is due where earned and I think that too few bloggers credit their inspiration and online sources. Of course, there is possibly also a high degree of unoriginal work, plagiarism and blatant idea stealing (as opposed to time-honoured inspiration) on the blogosphere. I try my best to be as good at referencing my sources as I can be:- thus far all my pictures are either my own or ones I have actually purchased the rights to. In this light, I wish to share and credit some amazing blogs and websites who offer freebies, information and great ideas:

First stop, Shabby Blogs, which is an absolute treasure trove of glorious shabby goodies, banners, buttons and wallpapers. I think the general idea is that you use their generous freebies, hopefully share links and credits and even, maybe, if you are feeling especially flush, you could actually purchase some graphics from them.

In a similar vein is The Cutest Blog on the Block, a full house of funky and pretty designs to spice up your blog world. You can cut and paste snippets of HTML code, insert them into your blog and buttons and blinkies (widgets) are there for your delight. I snipped a Keep Calm and Learn On button. 

The pictures for Papillon Noir are all my own but really I can't take the credit as most of them are courtesy of Hipstamatic, probably my favourite iPhone app. Your phone camera gets converted into a quirky retro analogue dream machine and using various purchased lenses and films, all manner of artsy effects become yours, with absolutely no artistic nor technical injection from yourself required whatsoever. Genius! These guys do the clever stuff so dumbos like myself don't have to.

Unadulterated version of a mad night

Hipstamatic intensifies the craziness

I was reading Sarah Wilson's informative blog a few months back and she talked about crediting blog images. I thought it was a timely post as I have seen so many generic photos and being a crafter, it is fairly obvious to me that some do simply steal artsy ideas, make it look as though they are a volcano of creativity when, as every artistic soul knows, true originality takes time - the void is ever near and time in the velvety blackness can be an aeon or an eternity. [Although sometimes it does seem as though The Papillon goes a little overboard on this score]. Thus, those blogs that churn out masses and masses of 'new, original' ideas, all the time, make me most suspicious. But yes, I digress, so here is Sarah's post. I needed a picture for one of my other blogs and I didn't have anything suitable so I decided I would pay for one. First I found Getty Images, which is mind blowingly good- you pay for the rights to use the images and you get National Geographic quality pics. WOW! The only problem for myself is that I am but a poor peasant so it is currently beyond my budget. A bit more searching and I settled upon Fotolia as a practical happy medium. I signed up for a cheap package and got something like 10 credits worth, to download as and when I require. The pictures are nothing like Getty Images but much nicer than 'free stock' images or generic web pics. For my present needs, I was delighted: my owl jpeg cost about £1, I am free to use it without fear of transgression and there was the option to add one's own text, which I did, obviously (who could resist?).

Fotolia owls, Papillon twits and twoos

This image cost me one Fotolia credit

I am ending on the most inspiring graphics and text site I have come across thus far, Pugly Pixel... no introduction necessary, go see for yerself - had I not spent right down to my last remaining £1.30 this month, I think I would be buying myself a few treasures.

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