Monday, 21 November 2011

And so, The Cat

Beautiful cat, lovely cat, furry cat, purry cat. We have a wee problem. The Cat has taken up full-time residence in a new sleeping pitch: exactly halfway between my keyboard and my screen. The Cat is very happy with this situation. I, however, am distressed and filled with cat-induced guilt. You see, The Cat doesn't actually have its own bed:- by and large because I suspect that it will not really like whatever I procure. I have searched the shelves at Pets At Home for something unoffensive, but drew a blank. 

Never one to miss out on the zeitgeist, The Cat has Occupied my workspace pretty much continually since the valiant protesters pitched up outside St Paul's and certainly since I started sewing up a family of iPhone cases. I'm guessing The Cat is trying to tell me that it needs its very own iCat Case. Or perhaps it has decided to Occupy my desk?

Poor cat, has no bed.

Anyhows, here I go, vampirically stealing awen from Cath Kidson, more-cycling vintage style IKEA fabric  that I had already made into a duvet cover a few years back. Using experimentation as my methodology, I shall attempt to make an Acceptable Cat Bed. 

The first cushion layer (yes, there are TWO cushion layers).

Never does my crafting turn out to be financially viable.  Here are my calculations: 

Cat beds sell in pet shops for around £15-20. Cath Kidson dog beds are much prettier and would set me back about £35, including postage. So, using some old fabric is the way to go, right?  Hmmm, not so sure. First I had to buy stuffing, which cost £10, then the bed really, desperately needed fabric covered buttons, which were about £1.10 for the kit but add to that fuel costs... Of course, my fabric was 'free' as it was old but originally it cost me a trip to Cardiff because IKEA won't deliver to west Wales, us living at the very Edge of the World, and all that.

My dorky love of fabric button making.

Seeing as I had to work out the pattern whilst I sewed, unpick mistakes, make  my own buttons, what would perhaps take someone more competent a couple of hours, took me a good 8 hours. So yup, 8 hours labour, £10 stuffing,  £1.10 button kit,  fuel costs = would have been more cost efficient to buy.

Aye, but where's the joy in that?

I'm a sucker for paisley, vintage and roses, can't help it.

And there we have it, one, I think, pretty delightful cat bed. The only problem left is how to convince The Cat to decide to sleep in it.....

If The Cat doesn't want it, my daughter wishes
 her bed were as comfy as this.


  1. Mayhaps a sprinkle of kitty pot (aka, catnip) would convince the protester to leave her spot in front of the screen and have a nap in her new bed??

    Hmmmm, lets keep that suggestion between us... I just got a mental picture of government officials handing joints out to protesters instead of firing tear gas! The things my mind comes up with... ;-)

  2. Hey Tiara! Fancy meeting you here;)

    Funnily enough, I did spray the bed quite liberally with catnip, perhaps a bit too much because I did feel heady, even though it is not meant for humans!

    But on a more serious note, this Occupy movement has fired up my imagination for a happier, more peaceful world, for sure.

    Katya x

  3. Hilarious post. And beyond gorgeous cat bed. Wowzers. Somebody has talent.

    My cat sleeps ON my laptop if it makes you feel any better. I can't leave my laptop open (or keys get pulled off). Even closed, I have to put random things on top of it.

    Have you tried warming kitty's bed first with a hot water bottle? Or, putting your laptop on it? : )

  4. Hey mcckathy,

    Don't worry, the cat does love its bed! It loves it in a 'I have a bed, you made me a bed, it took you a long time, it lives in the house' sort of way. Cat prefers a cardboard box. Funny creatures.



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