Monday, 10 October 2011

Bonkers for Barnacles

Back in Lab Papillon, a good day to hide  from the rain and gloom means a great day to bust some stash, and how better to do so than to make a whole family of Yo Yos? Also know as Suffolk Puffs, or Barnacles, as they are known in west Wales (name courtesy of Super Seamstress Carys Hedd of Raggedy and Wench),  these little treats are cute, jolly and sweet. Oh, did I mention easy peasy too? Yay! Here's how you do: 

* your fabric stash
* needle, thread, scissors
* tailor's chalk
* round things (why, vintage saucers, of course)
* a soundtrack (I went for Lady Gaga, Born This Way)
* herb teas and the like (I had licorice and cinnamon Pukka tea)

Iron your fabric and using a saucer, or something similar, cut out a bunch of circles. As some of my fabric is from a Sea Salt organic skirt I once owned, I think I score ten billion gazillion eco-points. The gorgeous taupe and spots fabric in the middle is a squirrelled piece of Kaffe Fassett (he's a star, dontcha think?). I would guess that the finished Yo Yo is perhaps half the diameter of the circle you start out with.

A Dolly Mix of thrift, Kaffe Fassett and Sea Salt.

Holding the wrong-side uppermost, start off by simply sewing a running stitch all the way around , folding the fabric over as you go. 

Right-side down, wrong-side uppermost.

Then, gently pull on the thread to gather your fabric, at which point it seems all a bit Pete Tong, but not to worry, it'll work out...

It's a funny looking thing.

Well, now you need to squish and squash and ruffle it into shape, gently easing the gathers round as your pull on the thread. 'Ruffle the Puffles', I always say. Once you are getting a good barnacle shape, you can start sewing it into place. I like to use sneaky, hidden stitches, in a horizontal fashion. 

Sneaky stitches.

Secure the end of the thread and you're done. HURRAH!

I ended up with a noisy gaggle of barnacles, all snuggled together. Oh look! They have found some friends- five perfectly purdy Amy Butler covered fabric buttons!

If you listen closely, you can hear them squeaking.

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