Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Cupcake Kitsch in the kit-chen

Once a year or so my fiance has his birthday, which means that I try very hard to be a bit cuter, a bit nicer, a bit sweeter- at least for a few hours. Generally, I attempt to bake a cake, but I have discovered that cupcakes are less hassle so this year he landed  Tiramisu Cupcakes,  à la Cookie Girl. 

Eat Me by Cookie Girl

I really heart Cookie Girl:- she has re-ignited my baking fervour; her recipes are ridiculously indulgent yet sort of healthy; and her book is arranged into seasons, which satisfies my pagan underbelly. Cookie Girl does have a sweeter tooth than I so in some recipes I use a reduced amount of sugar.

Magic, magic, magic cakes


Faux vintage apron, true vintage mixing bowl... worryingly cracked

And below, another  example of a rare vintage treasure... circa... um... well... not sure....

"OK, Honey, it's ya birthday, I'll do the 1950s housewife thing"

"But be good, be very, very good or I'll getcha with my wooden spoon"... those who know me well know this is not an idle threat.... Anyhows, the miracle occurred and they didn't burn nor sink nor puff too much. I had a wee, teensy tiny spot of bother with the topping but once Mr Noir had (ahem) re-made it, all was well.  Could have been down to me radomly substituting  ingredients,  as does generally occur when I am at the helm, but no matter. 

Thrifted plate, black muffin case from Aberystwyth cake shop

These are rather yummy but they'll be even better tomorrow once they have had 24 hours in the fridge to get all mergy with the generous amount of Disaronno that I ladled onto the sponge.



  1. Ooo those cakes look yummy. I've got a bit of thing for cupcakes (and cupcake recipe books.). A friend gave me "Eat Me" as a birthday pressie. I've still to make a recipe from it but your blog post has inspired me.

    Madeline x

  2. Hi Madeline,
    Why, thank you kindly. What a shame summer is over- the Courgette cupcakes are delicious, cannot recommend them more. Luckily, with autumn upon us, we can look forward to the Pumpkin cupcakes, they are also really fantastic- just go easy on the icing sugar!

    Happy baking,

    Papillon x


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