Sunday, 19 June 2011

International Yarn Bombing Day- 11th June

So, what's Yarn Bombing? Well, it started when Austin, TX resident, Magda Sayeg, of Knittaplease fame, decided to make the urban environment a little jazzier, friendlier and indeed, more politicised. Knitting has traditionally been dominated by women, and has often been seen as a frivolous activity, much to be derided. Additionally, knitting usually takes place in the home but more recently, radical knitters, such as Stitch 'n' Bitch groups, have taken their sticks to the streets, to knit in public, to reclaim the knit. A progression of this movement is Yarn Bombing, where knit, and indeed crochet, become graffiti- albeit a non-permanent graffiti, an easily removed article. Some people yarn bomb just to be rad; others see it as a way of softening the world, making it more lovely; whilst others use it as a politicised statement:- an art traditionally associated with the feminine now juxtaposed upon cold, brutal, industrial structures. Some just do it for fun. Some people get in trouble with the authorities for Yarn Bombing, others have been commissioned by forward thinking councils to undertake huge installations. Some  like it just because it is unexpected.

Yarn Dawgz, knitting hard in San Antonio, TX
 (With kind permission from Yarn Dawgz)
International Yarn Bombing Day- 11th June 2011 has enthused people from all over the world to take part in an unprecedented fibre artist global expression of knit. Pictures and videos of installations are being compiled to be included in the Yarn Graffiti Documentary. I was especially taken with Yarn Dawgz and their multi-coloured installation in San Antonio, TX.

April 2013 update, the lovely beachy yarn bomb was seemingly very much appreciated by tourists. I sneaked down to the beach and spied on them, to see their reactions. People liked to pull the wool up and down the bar, sometimes turning it round and twisting it. After the winter storms, sun and wind, it was faded and scraggly so I took it down, lest it floated off to sea.

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